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Read what our clients have to say about Knowall IT Support London

“You are all super stars and I genuinely feel MBDS is a vastly more functional company since having Knowall on board. I will give you a call as soon as I get a new job as I won’t believe any other IT company could possibly support one in the same way!!”

Delivering a fully managed solution with Knowall Hosted Exchange 2010 Provider, you  will not ever have to worry about security, integrity or delivery of your email again. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs you can experience significantly lower cost of ownership for your messaging and collaboration needs. click here for more information on Hosted Exchange Migration

Knowall IT Cloud Computing Provider Services provide your business with an enterprise level of IT, which is fully scalable as an on-demand service with a simple monthly cost per user. Application & Data Cloud allows for the storage and delivery of data, email and applications.

What this means in practice is there is no need to install applications on your PCs, MACs or mobile device. Applications can be delivered via Desktop shortcuts or via a Hosted Desktop. Check which Cloud is right for your business with our online pricing options. Hybrid Cloud Computing , Cloud – Application & Data or Cloud – Data Only Hybrid Cloud Computing London

Knowall IT offers your company Cloud Computing Solutions in London click here Cloud Computing Provider London if you are looking for a Cloud Computing provider in London

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dblo associates have many projects on the go!

dblo asscociates Commercial architects London believe that quality and design of the business environment is critical to the productivity and well being of employees and gives a great image for conveying the corporate business ethos.

dblo have some interesting residential remodelling Londonresidential remodelling Kensington, residential remodelling Holland Parkresidential remodelling Chelsea and residential remodelling Notting Hill projects on the go. read what we are currently busy with.

Canny space planning a must when dblo associates were commissioned recently for a residential remodelling Fulham to convert a single apartment in to two apartments by extending in to the loft. Some other projects dblo are involved in or about to start Greenford, greenford road, greenford, middlesex, new build residential development, construction cost approx £0.25m, client: dblo developments - the proposal is for a new build residential block of 5no apartments, that over look a large area of public open space. the building responds to the various contexts and recognises the value of the existing buildings and its surroundings, making architecture which is of its time rather than being a pastiche or imitation of what is already there.

For more information click here residential remodelling Knightsbridge, residential remodelling Mayfair and residential remodelling Clapham

Looking for more company suggestions? We find them for you!

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In 2008 IBS acquired sheet metal fabrication company PAG

IBS specialise in vacuum pumps and Side channel Blowers which are widely used in Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, and Municipal sectors. Typical areas of application include: Sewage treatment, Production – Chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, food, pulp, paper, electronics, textile, Power plants, Packaging, Conveying, Printing, Medical

In 2008 IBS acquired sheet metal fabrication company PAG.

Specialising in close tolerance mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium alloy and titanium work, PAG can undertake small to large quantity batch work or bespoke 1 off’s and prototypes all made to measure.

Work undertaken covers a range of products including electrical enclosures, fittings and fixtures, automotive components, water features and garden features. Component finishing is also available.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are a single stage block model, suitable to compress gas and vapours in the industrial processes. The main features are:

  • able to pump gases and vapours; nearly isothermal compression of gases; no lubricant in contact with pumped gas;
  • the pumps must be continuously fed with service liquid, normally water (oil, organic liquids etc. can be used), while working in a sufficient rate to eliminate the heat produced by the compression of gases and to replace any liquid which flows out of the pump together with the gas. The service liquid can be separated from the gas in a liquid separator and can be recirculated either partially or entirely, after intermediate cooling; safe operation and minimum maintenance; reduced noise and vibration.

Click here to download a Robuschi catalogue for Robuschi  RVS 25 T

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Take care of yourself with a little extra pampering this Winter

Neaten up your bikini line with a Bikini wax , don’t think because its Winter you should avoid a bikini wax… take care of yourself with a little extra pampering in Winter. Book your Bikini wax Fulham and Bikini London and enjoy the treat.

The Brazilian bikini is a treatment leaving a strip of hair, slightly higher than the standard bikini.   If you haven’t tried the  Brazilian bikini London and Brazilian bikini Fulham why not try it now!

If you fancy something a little bit more daring then go for the Hollywood bikini. This is a Hollywood bikini Fulham wax with a difference. This bikini treatment removes all pubic hair from the front, lip area and back (buttocks) using strip wax. The option is available for the client to request to leave some hair (a tiny strip etc) in the front if preferred.
Click here to book any of our many Waxing Fulham treatments available.

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RUMM help client achieve energy savings drastically – UK & Wales

RUMM would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and looks forward to continue helping clients achieve even further energy savings throughout 2013!

RUMM offers Energy management Wales,  Energy management UK and surrounds.

Read about some of our clients energy reduction and savings:-

General Electric…Year on year energy savings increase from 5% to 21%. Equated to a reduction of 2,685teCO2 emissions and savings of £500k…

Kautex…EMS system on target to achieve a 56% reduction in electricity usage and a 34% gas reduction.

Doncasters…£3.6 million savings. An integrated aM&T system that identified savings within the thermal efficiency field and optimised waste heat.

RPC Group…14% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption and £120k savings in first year using a range of measures from aM&T to the simple installation of lighting timer switches.

Celtic Manor…£20k savings identified following identification of high base loads using RUMM’s intelligent software and implementing staff energy awareness training.

UWIC Tennis Centre…Rapid reductions with an immediate saving of £4,100, a projected 20% saving over the year and an ROI in just 9 months.

Monier Group…Savings of £12,000 in first two months alone, using RUMM’s integrated aM&T and software solutions to identify opportunities for energy reduction…

Looking for more company suggestions? We find them for you!

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Get ready for Summer with a Bikini Wax at Buty Salon speak to us today

Banish bikini line hair in minutes and keep neat and tidy with a quick as a flash wax.  With regular treatments every 4-6 weeks hair will take longer to grow back and will be thinner.

At our salons we offer two different types of bikini wax London wax treatments to our clients, hot wax and strip wax. The type you choose will depend on your preference, the area you are having waxed and how it suits your skin. Our therapists will be happy to discuss the options available to help you choose the most suitable for you.

Click here to find out more about our bikini waxing London and get ready for Summer.

“ Looking for more company suggestions? We find them for you!”

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IBS offer a wide range of Portable Vacuum Pumps either new or reconditioned

IBS employ dedicated experts vacuum pumps technologies, applications and systems.

Vacuum pumps US and  portable vacuum pumps systems are widely used in Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, and Municipal sectors. Typical areas of application include:

IBS offer a wide range of portable vacuum pumps either new, reconditioned or service exchange representing all of the popular, tried and tested technologies including liquid ring, rotary vane (oil lubricated and dry running), side channel, roots types (including boosters) and claw.

IBS also offer Root blowers which play a vital role in many processes. Applications range from pneumatic conveying of granules and powders to aeration
of water and sewage. They are generally very reliable machines but when worked very hard they may breakdown.

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Discuss your IT Strategy with us today for a proactive and cost effective IT solution

With Knowall IT’s 24×7 Telephone & Remote IT Support we offer peace of mind. Our IT Support London Contract is a comprehensive service providing a complete out sourced IT facility with unlimited telephone and remote support.

It will include services such as scheduled onsite visits to health check PCs, assist with IT processes, and optimise systems; Quarterly reviews to discuss IT strategy for the short, medium and long term; Server, connection and backup monitoring; network security and disaster recovery audit; and network documentation and reporting.

Knowall IT takes a proactive approach to insure you have a fully stable IT infrastructure from which to function

Click here to find out more about IT Support London

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dblo architects work on residential projects across London

dblo architects London associates work on residential projects across London and the surrounding areas, providing detailed and innovative solutions.

dblo associates work covers architecture, interior design and development.

dblo associates are grounded in sound commercial principles. We believe that projects should deliver quality, cost-effectively and on programme.

Click here to find out more abotu dblo Architects London.

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Effectively Reduce Costs with Rumm’s Energy Management Solution

Energy management is the monitoring of energy use and the identification of areas where energy can be saved, creating a blueprint for an efficient energy management solution.

Rumm have a wide range of Energy Management Systems in order to save you money.

RUMM’s Energy Management systems that helps you:

Conform to the CRC EES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) legislation
Maintain your current position with the CCA (Climate Change Agreement) and EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme)
Achieve site wide visualisation, reporting, analysis, benchmarking & alarming across one/multiple sites
Clearly demonstrate corporate responsibility
Significantly reduce your utility consumption and associated costs

Click here to find out more about Rumm’s Energy Management Systems.

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